Carrolls Elementary School Garden

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The purpose of the Carrolls garden project is to integrate learning through a hands-on approach that is environmentally responsible and instructionally meaningful. Students will have ownership and responsibility in the garden, and can enjoy applied science, math, and language learning opportunities through their participation in the garden learning center. Our focus is on "waste and waist" - students will understand the value of food and reduce their wastefulness while learning about the nutritional value of vegetables that can lead to a healthier body.

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Lower Columbia School Gardens

Kigi Nursery & Landscaping

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 Great Educational Resource For Families, 12-12-2012 01:15PM

By: Justen

What a wonderful thing to be a part of, school gardens can not be overlooked as a needed educational classroom for the entire community involved. What pride I see in my 7 children as they work the beds and learn about sustainability. Thank You to everyone involved with this project!