The Circle of Website Life

by HortHubAdmin on 12-22-2013 in HortHub for businesses

The Circle of Website Life

Online marketing strategies should clearly define your intended goals for any business website! Setting the objectives that can achieve these goals, while working within a budget should be priority one. One of the first things to consider is defining a business’s target market and to come up with strategies that are designed to serve this target market. We have created to be a catalyst for all Horticulture related businesses to network and build brand awareness all while educating the backyard gardeners. Building a network of educational / informational articles all directing back to your profile and website is by far one of the best things you can do for your online reputation and gaining online reputations are a major factor in ranking high in the complex search engine algorithms (Google,Bing...). Not just for the search engines, if web surfers are finding your relevant content on a reputable website (all linking back to your profile/website/blog of coarse) Branding your business as a leader in your categories will keep customers coming back to your website and business hungry for more.

Businesses also need to distinguish themselves from their competitors, especially on the Internet. This is why there is a need for marketing plans to include strategies that can give a website an edge over competitor websites. Providing well written content rich articles can allow you to achieve this. In addition to this, businesses can also link up with other websites with products that are related to their products/services so that they can maximize their exposure as compared to their competitors. When we built we envisioned a network of businesses networking and promoting each other like never before, we are starting to see this vision come to life, and have great hopes for industry working as one!

Although we are still a relatively directory, the traffic and rankings are growing faster than we ever imagined. Getting your Profile and Articles in the directory before your competitors will translate to better organic search rankings. As of today 12/22/2013 we have been live for 1 year and some of our earliest members have seen 1000's of free organic traffic.

I hate to admit that most all of these sites gaining all this traffic are signed up under our Free Membership. We don't expect people to start using the paid plans until we have more members wanting to be listed in front of their competition.

I hope this post was helpful to you and your marketing plans!

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